Will Reolink Camera Work with Vivotek NVR? Find Out Now!

If you are considering integrating will reolink camera work with vivotek nvr, it’s important to determine whether the two systems are compatible. While both offer reliable surveillance solutions, it’s vital to confirm if they can work together seamlessly.

In this section, we will explore the compatibility between Reolink cameras and Vivotek NVRs. We will discuss the factors that determine whether a Reolink camera can work with a Vivotek NVR and highlight the benefits of using these systems together.

Whether you are thinking of investing in a Reolink camera or are already a proud owner of one, it’s crucial to understand its compatibility with a Vivotek NVR. Read on to find out if you can integrate these systems and enjoy unrivaled surveillance capabilities.

Understanding Compatibility between Reolink Camera and Vivotek NVR

Integrating a Reolink camera with a Vivotek NVR is not a straightforward process. Before attempting to connect these two systems, it’s essential to understand the compatibility factors involved.

Reolink Camera Software

The reolink camera software is a crucial factor to consider when integrating with a Vivotek NVR. Reolink supports ONVIF protocol, which is a global standard for the interface between network video products.

However, Vivotek NVRs may have different compatibility protocols. Before purchasing a Vivotek NVR, make sure it supports the ONVIF protocol and its version is compatible with your Reolink camera.

Black Reolink Camera

The black reolink camera doesn’t have any differences in compatibility with its white version.

Reolink Camera Outdoor

Reolink cameras are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. When integrating an reolink camera outdoor with a Vivotek NVR, it’s essential to check the NVR’s environmental requirements.

Some Vivotek NVRs have different recording resolutions depending on the camera’s environment. Some models may not support certain outdoor Reolink cameras. Make sure to check the compatibility of the camera and NVR before purchase.

Compatibility Factors between Reolink Camera and Vivotek NVR

Other compatibility factors to consider include:

  • Video resolution: Ensure the camera and NVR support the same resolution for optimal recording quality.
  • Video compression: Check if the camera and NVR support the same compression type (H.265, H.264, or MJPEG).
  • Recording frame rate: Ensure the NVR can support the camera’s required frame rate.
  • Number of channels: Make sure the NVR supports the number of cameras you are planning to integrate.
  • Power consumption: Check if the camera requires an external power source or can be powered through the NVR.

By considering these factors, you can ensure seamless integration between your Reolink camera and Vivotek NVR.

How to Integrate Reolink Camera with Vivotek NVR

If you are looking to integrate your Reolink camera with a Vivotek NVR, follow these steps:

Step 1: Check Compatibility

Before beginning the setup process, ensure that your Reolink camera is compatible with your Vivotek NVR. Check the software requirements and compatibility factors between the two systems.

Step 2: Connect Reolink Camera to Network

Connect your Reolink camera to the same network as your Vivotek NVR. Ensure that both the camera and NVR have the latest firmware updates installed.

Step 3: Configure Your Reolink Camera

Log in to your Reolink camera and configure the settings to enable compatibility with your Vivotek NVR. Set the camera stream to H.264 or H.265 encoding and ensure it matches the resolution and frame rate of your NVR.

Step 4: Add Reolink Camera to Vivotek NVR

Log in to your Vivotek NVR and navigate to the device management screen. Click “Add Device” and enter the IP address and login credentials of your Reolink camera.

Step 5: Test Compatibility

After adding your Reolink camera to the Vivotek NVR, test the compatibility by checking the live view and playback functions. If the camera streams and recordings are accessible, then the integration is successful.

By following these steps, you can integrate your Reolink camera with a Vivotek NVR and enjoy enhanced surveillance capabilities.


Will Reolink Camera Work with Vivotek NVR?

Yes, Reolink cameras are compatible with Vivotek NVRs. However, there are certain factors to consider in order to ensure seamless integration.

What compatibility factors should I consider between Reolink Camera and Vivotek NVR?

The compatibility factors to consider include the software compatibility of Reolink cameras, the specific model of the Reolink camera, and the type of Vivotek NVR. Additionally, different variants of Reolink cameras, such as black cameras or outdoor models, may have specific compatibility considerations.

How do I integrate Reolink Camera with Vivotek NVR?

To integrate a Reolink camera with a Vivotek NVR, follow these steps: 1. Begin by configuring both the Reolink camera and the Vivotek NVR. 2. Connect the camera and NVR to the same network. 3. Test the compatibility by ensuring the camera feed is displayed on the NVR’s interface. By following this setup guide, you can successfully integrate your Reolink camera with a Vivotek NVR.